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Midland Area 2022 Pictures.....

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas with family and friends, and received all those sailing goodies you were hoping for. While I finalise the planning and coordination details for the 2023 season I thought I'd put some photos together, in no particular order, from the 2022 season.

I could have put comments as to the venues they were taken, but that would be too easy. See if you can work out the events from the pictures :)

For those that went to Bartley, see if you can spot the picture which has the finish line from one race which ended up being just a little more than a boats width to get through

The link below is to a zipped folder which has PowerPoint slides converted to .jpg files which can be viewed as pictures, if you just fancy a browse, or can be set as a screensaver (if you are as sad as I am). All you need to do is download the folder containing the pictures unzip it and set your Windows screensaver and/or lock screen to Pictures, and point it to the folder in settings.

Looking forward to the 2023 season and making some more memories. Stay healthy.

2022 Solo Midland Area
Download ZIP • 16.88MB

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