This Page contains useful information on how to use the website.


Area Reps and Committee members can see More info here.

(you need to be signed in too view page.)


Hints Trips and Common issues;

New member

If you have just joined the association you can sign up to the website.

Click Log in then Sign Up.

Getting too many emails

You can control what emails you receive from the site by adjusting your account settings.

Logon, goto profile, then settings and adjust what you want to receive.

To stop the Wix marketing emails go into one of the emails and click 'If you wish to unsubscribe click here.' 

A small number of people are trying to login without setting up an account. 

If when logging on you get a message something like email not recognised or account does not exist or an site error please ensure you have already created an account. To create an account follow the link sent to you in an email from Wix on 3rd of May inviting you to become a site member. Alternatively you can Sign up via the Log In button on the top right of the screen and click Sign up. 

This a completely new Website. 

Cannot find the Wix invite email.

If you cannot see the Wix invite email please look in the usual places, junk, spam etc if you still cannot find it then you should talk to your email provider as Wix did send them out. As life is too short to wait on a help line for hours just try resetting your password via the website. Your IDs have been created. The Wix email has a link to follow so is the easiest way to activate your ID.  


How to post on the Forum (Including adding a For Sale item)

How to use the site for general site member;


How to Create a new Post in the Forum section.


The forum has serval categories which can be expanded as required. There is a ‘For Sale’ section  to sell your boats and kit. 


To Create a post; 

1)Logon to the website, Click the logon button on the top right of the screen. 

2)Once signed in navigate to the Forum section by clicking on ‘Forum’ in the main menu.  

3))Click ‘Create new Post’ button about 1/3rd the way down on the right site of the screen. 

 This will give you a screen where you type your post, you can add Photos etc by clicking the icons. 

4)Click ‘Select a Categories’ to add a Category (its important to do this so the Post is displayed in the correct part of the Forum). 

Then click ‘Publish’ in the bottom right of the screen. 


Thats it, all done. 


You can follow Categories to get updates on when people post new items or add comments.



User profile settings.

Once signed in you can tailor your user setting, things like adding a profile photo and changing the emails notifications you receive from the site.


To view and change these setting click on the user icon in the top right of the screen. 

You get two options, Profile and Account, go into these and choose ‘settings’  then choose what information you wish to receive. There are many options eg Get a Daily or Weekly summary of action in the forum. You can receive as much or as little was you wish. 



News (Blog) Posts


News or Blog post will be created by the Area Reps and Committee members, it is hoped this along with the Forum will be the most active area of the site. News post will update people on events, results etc.