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Andy Fox Coaching Coordinator;

Coaching has been seen as a great way of improving your sailing skills and also bringing class/club members together. Because of this the Solo class association has taken the decision to offer free coaching to its members in the past.

This is still the case. What is a new idea is to offer along side the class coaches the ability to put you in touch with professional coaches  that the class is happy to recommend ( there is a cost involved with the hiring of a professional coach).       

As for the free coaching that the association offer we have coaches based throughout the country. That can be utilised.

The procedure that is in place at the moment is that a request for coaching would come through the class captain as this has been proven to make the process easier.

The class captain would contact the association with the dates and possible number of sailors. Please bear in mind that we have to work to a ratio of 8 sailors to one coach. If you have more than 8 we would have to arrange a second coach.

Once the dates and numbers have been agreed then the coaching documents (on the Solo website), should be completed and collected in by the class captain and forward to myself. Once I have all the information in then I will pass it on to the coach that will be running the day and they will then make direct contact with the club captain to discuss the club’s requirements for the day’s coaching. Please note that if the numbers for the day fall below 8 sailors then the day may have to be cancelled.

We are also planning to try and organise some larger training events along the lines of the training day that is offered by the association on the day before the inland championship. 

The day would follow the same format as the one used for the inlands with a number of coaches and a larger number of sailors. It would be my intention to run these events in conjunction with area championships.

Unfortunately with the uncertainty of sailing this year the plans will more than likely not be in place till 2022. If you have any views or ideas on this sort of event I  would be more than happy to hear your ideas so please feel free to contact me.

Coaching is a great way of improving your sailing/racing the coaching that is offered by the Solo Class association is for members of the Solo class association this is just one of the benefits you can enjoy as part of your membership.

Finally I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your sailing and hope to see you on the water soon.

All the best.

Andy Fox.

Training Dates will be published under Events and News.

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