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Here is a list of the committee members and reps:

  • President: Guy Mayger 

  • Vice President: Paul Davis 

  • Honorary Secretary: Graham Granford Smith

  • Honorary Treasurer: Andrew Liddington

  • Membership Sec: John Steels 

  • Championship Organiser: Vacant 

  • Demo Boat Coordinators: Innes Armstrong, Paul Davis

  • Web Site Coordinator: Nigel Davies

  • Training Coordinator: Vacant  

  • Class Measurer: Jonathan Woodward

  • On-Water Judge: Steve Watson

  • Dinghy Show Coordinator : Guy Mayger

  • Publicity Officer: Will Loy  

  • Southern Area Rep: Doug Latta 

  • Western Area Rep: Vernon Perkins 

  • Eastern Area Rep: Godfrey Clark

  • Midlands Area Rep: Maria Franco Ferro

  • Thames Valley Area Rep: Godfrey Clark

  • Northern Area Reps: Justine Davenport/Innes Armstrong 

  • Scottish Area Rep: Ross Watson

  • Sea Series Rep: Doug Latta

If you would like to join the NSCA Committee, please make yourself known to a committee member.

To contact the committee please submit a form;

Send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

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