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Chelmarsh SC Open Meeting Review

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This review has been kindly submitted by the Midland Area up and coming star Maria E Franco.

It was an early start for some us, driving about 100miles, but that didn’t matter, I was excited to be back on the road after two months from our last Midlands series event in Shustoke early on July; I was glad with the idea of a decent forecast of 11 to 15 knots and still warm September morning. This is my first year in the Solo fleet and racing, but there is such a good energy at this meetings that I don’t mind all the packing and unpacking, every event is a joy to me.

I don’t think a year ago when around this time the Solo fleet at Northampton SC convince me to try out the club Solo, that I would be buying my Solo a couple months after that and that shortly after I would be out on the road visiting different club and meeting a lovely bunch of people. I remember the first race at Banbury having never packed/unpacked my boat, and never had to tow a boat before, but I been very lucky to never been short to find help from everyone in the fleet to encourage me to take part.

Anyway enough of me and back to Chelmarsh, I arrived there about 9am, and I was happy to see faces I know already there, Kev Hall, Chris Brown, Jon Woodward and our host Matt Robinson, fleet captain at Chelmarsh, who was very kind to help me put my mast up. I was very pleased to meet Tracey (Chelmarsh) and Anna (Shropshire) and to learn they would also be sailing! It is a little intimidating to be the only women out there, so that raised my spirits. As soon as the boat was set up the lovely smell of bacon butty invited us to move to the club house.

Briefing at 10:30 by PRO Tom Dickinson, gave us all the details about how the day would run and then shortly after 20 Sailors set off into the water. First race started smoothly, and very quickly we saw Martin H, Kev Hall, Chris Brown, Alex Alcock and the two Jon’s take the lead…. I saw them from a distance but was pleased to be leading between the ladies. Wind was shifting so often that kept us on our feet trying to be on the right place at right time. Martin finished first followed by Kev.

Second race had a general recall, and after re-locating the committee boat to adjust to the ever changing wind direction, race two took place.

We saw same the group leading the race, but this time Kev was better placed than Martin on a wind shift as they approached the finish line which gave him a win.

From the ladies group, Tracey had the lead. We had our break for lunch, and a lot of happy faces jumped to the sight of cake :) I have to say, it was great idea to add breakfast and lunch together with the entry fee. We were ready at 2:15 back in the water to start our last race of the day with no recalls. Conditions remained very shifty and the wind had pick up a bit. Similar to previous 2 races we had the same group at the front except for Kev who missed his spot at the start and after a couple hiccups on the way decided it was best to go back to set up the prizes…. Martin H. won the last race followed closely by Chris B and Alex Alcock; in the ladies group Tracey again took the lead for race 3.

1st place: Martin Honnor (Ogston)

2nd place: Kev Hall (Northampton)

3rd place Chris Brown (RYA)

-Spot prices:

First open helming: Anna Nankervis (Shropshire)

First Chelmarsh: Jonathan Carter (Chelmarsh)

- Club prices:

First wooden: Lee Nankervis (Shropshire)

First Lady: Tracey Hanan (Chelmarsh)

Massive thank you to our PRS, Tom Dickinson and Will Ranson for setting up good courses on very changing conditions, safety boat team Frank & Ewan Whitley , Philip Griffin and Martin a smith for keeping an eye on us, and to the great team in the galley Linda Thursfield, Sally Fowler, Mary Andrews and Karen Whitehouse for looking after us at breakfast, lunch and the bar after the race 😊

Looking forward to seeing you all again at our next open at Chase SC on the 24th September.

Maria E. Franco

Northampton SC - 5675

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1 commentaire

Great report, good turn out of 20 boats the largest for several years.

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