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John Hartshorn
May 26, 2022
In General Questions and Comments
Afternoon all, I’ve just come back to the class after last sailing a solo 14 years ago. I’ve picked up an old wooden boat (3626, m7 mast with old edge Dacron/laminate mixed sail and 3050 max mast position against bulkhead) as a way of seeing if it’s still for me before committing to a decent frp boat. post covid I’m heavier than I’d like- coming down rapidly from 15 stone and hoping to settle around 90kg of useful mass! I see the top helms range from circa 12-13 stone but regularly race on big ponds/sea My perhaps tricky question is; what’s a competitive weight within the class to aim for? I’ll be the only solo racing at my club- York SC on the river Ouse so it’ll be more training and handicapping than proper competition - I’d like to get back up to speed and come and play at the opens in a better boat . Just very aware that if the competitive weight across the spread of venues is less than I’m likely able to get down to then I may be better placed looking at other classes like a Finn? Thanks, John.

John Hartshorn

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