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Western Series Important Update

Ahead of the first event in the NSCA Western Series we wanted to ensure you are aware of the arrangements for 2024.

It is going to be a big series this year and supported by our generous sponsors Goat Maine and Dinghy Shack, check out their web sites by clicking on their name, as they can only justify sponsoring us if their business permits.

The series starts with the TATA Steel SC Open and Welsh Championships on 6th & 7th April.  If you have not already entered do so immediately click here. Check out the event specific articles in the NSCA website click here.

The series consist of 10 qualifying events of which 5 needed to count towards the Series Championship:

1.      Tata Steel Open and Welsh Championships - 6/7 April

2.      Bristol Corinthians YC Open - 19 May

3.      Chew Valley Lake SC Open - 20 May

4.      Torpoint Mosquito SC Open - 1 June

5.      Western Area Championship, Plymouth Mount Batten SC – 8/9 June

6.      TCYC (Teign Corinthians YC) Open – 29 June

7.      Starcross Open – 27 July

8.      Dittisham Open – 28 July

9.      South Cerney SC Open – 5 October (Also part of the Midlands Series)

10.  Salcombe YC Open and Nigel Pusinelli – 19/20 October

Note the regional Welsh and Western championships can count as your best result towards the NSCA Super Series. The Salcombe YC Open is also the Super Series Nigel Pusinelli event.

The Western Series award ceremony and prize draw will take place at the End Of Season event at Draycote on 2 November.

Our generous series sponsors, Goat Marine and Dinghy Shack are contributing tremendously towards the Western Series in 2024 not only at individual events but a big prize draw for the series. 

The series prize draw based on the following criteria. So put the events in your calendar.

The prize draw will be tiered with more prestigious prizes the more events completed, starting from 4 events completed.

·         Competitors completing 4 events, a range of prizes.

·         Competitors completing 5 events, more prestigious prize/s.

·         Competitors completing 6 events, more exclusive prize/s.

The prizes potentially include Rope and Fitting, Technical Gear, Apparel, and maybe a Spar. Believe me there are prizes very worth winning.  The prize list will be published nearer the end of the series, as still awaiting confirmation on a couple of exclusive items.

We have a huge number of Solos in the Western area, some clubs have huge fleets, but few travel. The emphasis is on getting competitors to travel. There is always an event local to you outside your club.

We are also working on some training events and the NSCA are contributing heavily towards this initiative, at local level.  Dates etc will be announced later.

Please note all of this takes a lot of time and effort to organise the many Solo class events, in conjunction with a huge amount of work being done by many people to enhance the class and ensure your fleet is relevant and healthy, with plenty of high class racing which increases the value of your boat etc. they are sought after. 

To support all these efforts please ensure you have clicked the join button on the NSCA website, click here if you can not find it, and we can assure you that the small £25 fee will benefit you hugely and could pay for itself many times over. Just consider the discounts available from several important suppliers.

Look forward to seeing you at as many events as possible.

Vernon Perkins – NSCA Western Area Rep

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