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NSCA Training Day

An NSCA sponsored training day was held at Northampton SC the day before the Midland Champs.

Thanks to the association and particularly Oliver Davenport who offered his time to share his expertise as sailing coach for the day.

The wind was moderate and Ollie certainly put the attendees through their paces with numerous rabbit runs (gate starts) and single tack drag races. Once at the top the boats were required to follow the rib in single file on a reach until the coach blew the whistle for them to head downwind on a run.

Ollie twice took his shoes and socks off and asked to be alongside the boats, he then preceded to jump in the Solos, whilst the owner boarded the rib, to check rig and sail settings.

Following behind in the rib those sailors then got front row seats how it should be done with Ollie demonstrating his usual excellent technique in the now increasing wind conditions.

At one point Vince, for reasons only known to himself, decided to take out the rib, which was acting as the committee boat for the starts.

As you'll see from one of the videos.

A fantastic day learning lots and the attending sailors commented how much they got out of the day. Testament to Ollie giving clear explanations on not just what to do, but why. There were tips and hints on the water regarding control settings based on sail shapes and centreboard positioning, and lunchtime advice too.

All that remains now is putting all those tips into practice on the race course.

Any clubs wondering whether to arrange such an event, I can honestly say go for it.

Ollie took the videos:

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