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Leigh on Sea SC - Open event


Following on from the previous days Solo Vintage Championships a fleet of much newer boats were welcomed to add to the clubs’ vintage fleet of older solos.

The weather was as the Saturday, sunny with a few clouds but coming from a slightly more northerly direction and coming from over the land making it shiftier than yesterday.

An even later high tide meant there was plenty of time to rig and tune the boats before a early afternoon start for the 14 entries.

A briefing held by Steve Corbet, the PRO of the day explained the trapezial style course and the 3 minute count down for the three race event.

Much like yesterdays racing the fleet got away from a committee boat start line cleanly. A heavily biased port end favoured those on that side of the course and it was Vince Horey (6080) showing the fleet around the windward mark first with local visitor Jonny Wells (5597) second and Tim Lewis (6010) third. The newer boats sped away with the fleet closely behind. The shifty offshore wind made for many position changes in the race and the course was shortened to two laps. However, it was Horey, Wells and Lewis who held on to finish in that order. Jarvis Simpson (6016) made it up to fourth place.

A quick turnaround as many are accustomed to at Leigh and race 2 was cleanly started similarly to race 1. A shortish beat to the windward mark was again led by Horey followed by Simpson and then Wells. Race 2 was very much similar with that of race 1 and many position changes throughout the race with the wind gusting and changing direction which caught a few out. Another shortened course prevailed and it was Horey, Simpson and Wells holding their positions from the first windward mark. Mike Barnes (3847) got the shifts correctly and came in 4th.

By the time of the third and final race started the wind had easing and the tide changed direction holding back the fleet from the line. Another clean start and although Horey had won both the previous races, he was as keen as ever. After a few close calls Horey just got around the windward first again followed by Lewis and Barnes. Old boats can complete against the newer models it would seem. The fleet spread out over the full three lap course with such close racing behind the leaders. It was a glorious end to the meeting for the minor places. Horey won the race with Lewis 2nd, Barnes 3rd, Wells 4th and Simpson 5th.

The tired fleet returned to the shore where a BBQ awaited and a prompt prizegiving.

The prizegiving supported by Rooster Sailing was presented by Russel Trudgett, the LSC Solo Class Captain and the LSC Commodore Robin Tothill.

First LSC boat went to Matt Tothill (3987), 6th place, 12 points

5th place Mike Barnes (3847), RYA, 7 points,

4th place Jarvis Simpson (6016), Brightlingsea SC, 6 points

3rd place Jonny Wells (5597), Essex YC, 5 points, 5 points

2nd place Tim Lewis (6010), Datchet SC, 5 points

1st place Vince Horey (6080), King George SC, 2 points

                And the Mighty Oak Brewery Trophy for 2024

After the prizes had been presented Vince thanked Russel and Robin and all of the LSC for all the hard work which goes into an event.

A thoroughly good event was closely fought for all the places. The importance of the first beat seemingly proving the theorists correct once again!

The club looks forward to next years open meeting among the increasing number events for the Solo class in the area.

Colin Walker, 4023

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