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Hollingworth Lake SC Solo Open 2024

Report by Steve Denison, Innes Armstrong & Justine Davenport

Sponsored by Winder Boats and Impact Marine

Photo by Chris Massey

Eighteen Solos and five Phantoms turned up for the joint open at a very overcast Hollingworth lake... a good turn out!

After a clear up in the dinghy park on Saturday there was plenty of room for both fleets.

The OD gave his briefing giving his plans for the day. Then the Rochdale rain started to pour to some dismay of the competitors. 

Race 1.

Solos starting after the phantoms with an ok wind speed and direction. It was game on.

Denison led round the windward mark closely followed by local lightweight Jasper Bramwell in a borrowed boat.  Jasper had to do turns following a port/starboard incident at F mark.  This gave the others a chance for a bit of place swapping. Denison led for most of the race letting Honnor catch up and eventually past him at G mark. What a nice chap Denison is!!  That was how it finished with Chris Gillard in third and Justine finishing just closely behind. 

Back to the clubhouse for a brief pitstop for lunch promptly followed by race two.

Race 2

After lunch the rain stopped and it brightened up a little. A more difficult Race. With the wind starting to shift about quite a bit, making it fun for the OD.  Martin Honnor followed by Innes Armstrong led the way to the first mark in light airs, a gust from the back bunched everyone together and in the melee there was a clattering of boats.  Norris had water on all, Davenport pushed Winder the wrong side of the mark and ended up doing turns.  This left Honnor in clear wind heading up the beat followed by Steve and Stuart.  On a subsequent windward leg at mark E Armstrong forced Denison to do turns thereby moving into second place. Honnor led the rest of the race, Armstrong held onto second followed by Denison and Norris.

With the second bullet under Honnor's belt, the winner of the open was decided.

Race three was back to back with conditions dropping and the wind shifting as the thunder rumbled in the distance.

We got underway quickly but with a very starboard bias line.  Nick Hornsby was the first to punch off the line and led to the windward mark.  At the start Denison decided to capsize, thereby filling his boat full of water and ending his chances in the race.  At the windward mark it was Hornsby followed by Winder and Armstrong.  The course was very "follow the leader"  with the beats turning to fetches.  However, on the downwind leg Winder and Armstrong managed to get past Hornsby who dropped down the fleet slightly.  At the finish was Armstrong in first followed by Winder then Gillard with Hornsby finishing in sixth.

Overall results were Honnor in first, Armstrong in second and Denison in third.

The prize giving was held in the salubrious Hollingworth club house and Honnor thanked the Race team headed by Chris Massey and ably assisted by Sally Parry.  

Photo by Justine Davenport

Left to Right: Steve Denison 3rd, Martin Honnor 1st, Innes Armstrong 2nd

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