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HD Sails Scottish Travellers head to Newburgh

Next event on the HD Sails Scottish Travellers series is at Newburgh on July 23. The river sailing we experience here is very different to every other venue we go to in Scotland. With only two hours either side of high water to play with the races need to start on time. For those of us used to sailing on the sea tacking right in amongst the reeds and coping with big shifts at the same time is a different challenge. All the action takes place very close to the clubhouse where we are always made welcome by the local fleet. We always get a good turnout and last years winner David Sword will need to be on top form to defend the trophy. We are expecting many of the 10 Scottish boats who went to the Nationals to be there as well led by class President Patrick Burns. Tide times man we are starting early at 11.00!

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