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Chase SC Open Meeting Review

Sponsored by Allen

With a forecast showing 9 – 10mph and gusts of 15mph my thoughts as I left for Chase SC is that we may finally have an event with some wind. Unfortunately, the direction wasn’t going to be ideal being a NE direction meaning the wind would be across the lake.

A good turnout with 25 boats entering online meant whatever the wind, or direction, another great day’s racing would ensue. Sharing the event, as we did last year, with the lightnings and having four races scheduled meant race management would need to be on point with 50 boats on the water. With that obviously in mind Race Officer Graham Flynn made it clear to both fleets that he would go for a normal start for the first time in each race but any general recalls would bring out the black flag.

R1 Getaway was clean with the pin end being favoured; the left side of the beat was the place to be. With the shadow of the windward shore playing havoc with what was already shifty conditions playing the shifts correctly and spotting where the wind was on the racecourse was going to be key for the whole day. Ian Ingram and Jonathan Swain chose the left and rounded ahead, Dave Winder, Chris Brown and Jamie Cuxson in hot pursuit. For the following laps it was Ingram and Winder battling for the lead waiting for a small slip up to pounce. Utilising the length of the lake the course gave the opportunity for a number of small beats and rounding those meant it was very tricky on approach where 100% concentration could mean places gained. This seemed to be the case right throughout the fleet, and it was at this point I knew I wouldn’t have much chance trying to write a comprehensive review and concentrate on playing the shifts myself. It finished with Dave Winder managing to get the bullet from Ian Ingram, a great recovery from Nigel Davies to take third.

With the finish line being defined as the first windward mark, and the committee boat being moved for each race finish this meant the Solos had a bit of a wait for the Lightning fleet to finish and the start line to be reset.


The fleet got away at first attempt again with Jonathan Swain and Chris Brown showing the way at the windward mark. Dave Winder and Jamie Cuxson were again chasing hard in the shifty conditions.

Regular change in positions behind the front two brought in to play Steve McCarthy in his interestingly coloured Winder Mk2 6039. I believe it was Steve’s first Solo event and he will hopefully be a welcome addition to further events and the increasing plethora of individually coloured boats coming out of Winder Boats.

Jonathan Swain managed to get a bit of a gap to Chris Brown and never looked troubled to take the win. Chris Brown secured second with Dave Winder third.

While the Lightning fleet were heading for their finish the Solos headed in for lunch. Fantastic organisation with trollies being prepared as we reached the shore due to a numbering system being set up at the start of the day by the club.

Chicken chowder with a bread bun was my choice of lunch which I have to say was very tasty, thanks to Lynette Turner and Julie Woolmer. After lunch there was a huge selection of cakes baked for charity which clearly went down well.

I must admit I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see any cake at the end of the day too as they were soooo good. My hope was that they had all gone with plenty of donations for such a good cause.

It was always going to be a challenge to get four races in with two fleets so we got back on water for a 2:40PM ish start

R3 Ian Ingram took to the front leaving a battle royal behind with constantly changing places between Dave Winder, Nigel Davies, Jonathan Swain and myself. The wind was increasing slightly in stages during the race making it imperative to capitalise on the legs where there was wind.

Chris Brown and Neil Wilkinson were always threatening to catch the leading pack and it would only take one the emerging gusts on a reach or run to bring them right into it.

The results in the rest of the fleet don’t really reflect how close the racing was all day.

It finished with Ian Ingram taking the win, Dave Winder taking second and Nigel Davies third.

R4 It was just after 4PM and we were waiting for the final race to be set up, a few of the fleet felt it would be a long day if they participated and headed for the shore to pack up. The final race got under way at the first attempt, but there was one extra sound signal indicating someone had been a little too keen to get a good start. I felt I’d made a good start and hit the line at speed and popped out from the fleet so I was hoping it wasn’t me that caught the race officers gaze and misjudged it. Jamie Cuxson and I rounded side by side with the rest of the fleet in close proximity.

Jamie chose to gybe straight away while I chose to try and stay low hoping the chasing pack would climb high and open a gap to the wind. It didn’t work, the blanket from the fleet allowed Ian Ingram and Chris Brown to pull alongside. Jamie didn’t fair much better with Jonathan Swain and Nigel Davies also gybing early and giving him a similar blanket cover. At the next mark it was Chris Brown, who the extra sound signal was for it turns out so was OCS, from Ian Ingram, myself and Jamie Cuxson with Jonathan Swain, Nigel Davies and Dave Winder showing purpose. The next couple of laps were the usual changing places that had happened all day, but it was Jonathan Swain that fought his way through and was pulling out a bit of a lead. A fantastic days racing with the last race finishing Jonathan Swain, Dave Winder, Ian ingram and Nigel Davies.

A great event, with a good turnout and very competitive racing which shows from the results with Jonathan Swain winning two out of three races to count yet finishing in 3rd place overall.

Overall positions:

1st Dave Winder – Hollingworth Lake SC 2nd Ian Ingram – Earlswood SC 3rd Jonathan Swain – Carsington SC

Spot prizes were awarded to:

Mike Cossey – First Septimus Anna Nankervis – First Female

Thanks to everyone that turned up for the event and Allen for the prizes.

Special thanks to Chase SC for putting on a great event Race Officer Graham Flynn, safety boat cover from Dave Watkins, Pete Tate and Gareth Evans.

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