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Tyler Trophy at Hayling.

Hayling in the winter!

No practicing Friday as storm Mathis past by and Saturday morning saw competitors greeted with rain and a cold breeze. I normally visit HISC in the summer and its always Sunny and hot so this was a bit of a shock, the accommodation has heating!

Anyway to the sailing, brief report, it was good. Hopefully someone will do a proper report, this post is mainly to publish the Results, see links above.

Well done to Richard Lovering for putting together a set of results in difficult conditions and winning by 3 points from Oliver Davenport and Jaime Morgan.

The wind was nice sitting weather, offshore all weekend and thus shify and with the Hayling tide made been consistent very hard. The PRO did a good job with the lines (no recalls) and setting a Windward Leaward courses.

Thanks HISC see you again for the Nationals in a few months.

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