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Midlands Trimpley SC Open

Sponsored by Allen, CB coverstore and Sailing Chandlery. Report by David Lucas.

TSC solo open 29/6/24

The day began with four visitors arriving to a perfectly still and tranquil lake with the occasional breath of wind. Perfect conditions to enjoy their bacon baps and morning teas before unpacking and getting set up for their day. Never have I seen in my short time of solo sailing that we’ve had such a variety of solos as most of the fleet at this open were vintage solos adding a nice splash of colour to the day!

After the briefing, the first race began in light airs seeing our visitors taking the top four spots even though it had seemed that Martin Honnor had left the fleet so far behind nobody could have anticipated the way Ian Ingram (5858) managed to catch up to him just before the finish. That left the six club sailors fighting it out at the back seeing David (3407) the first vintage boat across the line. Our visitors did have fun adapting to the ‘Trimpley wind’ that swirls round in the valley that the reservoir is built which certainly added a different characteristic that they weren’t used to.

After a fabulous lunch prepared by the ladies at the sailing club, race 2 got underway this time with more wind which had been forecast but much to the frustration or delight of the sailors it wasn’t quite as constant as they might have hoped! This saw many changes in position between the lead boats, but sure enough Martin Honnor managed to get a considerable lead over the other sailors which he manged to maintain until the end of the race. I think the pudding may have slowed some people down!

In the final race, the days winner martin Honner retired from racing leaving the other sailors to try and gain some points. The race was won by Mike Cossey (5740) and this saw a fresh face getting second place Andy Allan (2122) who managed to beat Ian ingram and Andrew Bownes (5401) at the last minute crossing the line before them despite having never sailed a solo before the open!

A great day racing certainly the best solo open I’ve been to but then again, I am biased being from Trimpley! Thank you for coming.

David Lucas

TSC Solo fleet captain

Results and photos:

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