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Will Loy posted this 27 October 2017

We hope you like the improvements that have been made to the site with it's easier functionality, encouraging members to participate on the "Solo Chat" section. Hopefully the easier navigation and smoother fluidity will result in a user friendly experience. Not unlike sailing, the more you do the better you will get!

Thanks to Neil Hodges at Yellowphin and our sub committee of Andy Hyland, Andrew Thompson, Nigel Davies and John Steels for getting the site up and running.

Will Loy President

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John Hartley posted this 07 November 2017

Getting a Server Runtime error when trying to change password - for your info.

Old Mac running Firefox.


John Hartley

Michael Cave posted this 07 November 2017

The top of the webpage disappears under the menu, no way to bring it down.

Michael Cave posted this 07 November 2017

The most interesting pages are the thoughts on rigging and dinghy set up. Couldn't the strings from the old website be copied across?

Alistair Crawford posted this 07 November 2017

Hi New website format looks great. Just added a boat for sale, but realised I had not entered my location. But there does not seem to be a way for me to return and update my ad?

Richard Austin posted this 07 November 2017

Seem to have lost my advert for Solo for sale Solo 4182 Do I have to re do it ? confusing Richard Austin

Jonathan Otter posted this 07 November 2017

Nice work, Will.

Ian McDonald posted this 07 November 2017

hope the old archive forum stuff can be added, but looks good! feel like I should be wearing smartclothes to post on this new platform, well done to all

Patrick Ward posted this 07 November 2017

Will and NSA Committee,

Just wanted to pass on my congratulations. Much better functionality and works really well on a mobile device. Modern look and feel - really nice.

Great job.

David Greening posted this 07 November 2017

Well done everyone who has been involved, no doubt some tweaks will be required, but it looks like a site that is worthy of our great class

Brian Milford posted this 07 November 2017

I like it. Well done

Will Loy posted this 08 November 2017

We still have many tweaks to make including;

Improved gallery The photos are being distorted to fit a certain dimension, this will be fixed soon. Slideshow and back/next control.

For Sale Migration of adverts to new site "For sale" section.

Youtube Comprehensive listing of the NSCA videos.

Find out More Update product information in "Boat" section. There is a member only section in; Find Out More?/Boat/Wait there's More/Tuning Videos.

Solo Specific Back Issues and Yearbook 2017 This will be uploaded to a "members only" section.

Rules Section Rule 42 Videos are viewable in the Tuning Video section. We will be adding information based on your comments and experiences with any rule queries.

There will always be initial problems when updating a website but Neil Hodges at Yellowphin is on the case!

Thank you for your comments and patience. All credit should be going in the direction of Neil, Andy Hyland and his sub team of Nigel Davies, John Steels and Andrew Thompson.

Will Loy President.

Nicholas Marden posted this 09 November 2017

I have the problem described by Michael Cave above when using Microsoft Explorer as a browser but not if I use Microsoft Edge. I have not tried other browsers.

That said, Will, Neil, Andy and all, many congratulations on producing an excellent website.

Richard Willetts posted this 29 November 2017

Finding it difficult to log on - email and password not remembered on site

As a previous comment - no way to edit adverts although the page says there is

Richard Willetts

Phil Sturmer posted this 07 December 2017

Good Job Team, much improved, well done.......

Ian McDonald posted this 30 January 2018

I dont understand why there is still a very low involvement in the Solo chat section. The new website is easy to use and we have a very large,experienced and knowledgeable group of members. But for whatever reason the requests and questions for help and advice are read by lots, but very few respond. What is wrong?

Will Loy posted this 31 January 2018

Hi Ian, guess it is a quiet time of the year. We are about to allow adding photos to the gallery. Members will then be able to migrate them to Solo Chat threads, easier than trying to explain control systems, trailer tips etc.

Regs, Will

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