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Will Loy posted this 18 January 2018

I cannot be accused of not coming up with ideas and one of my latest is to try and organise a charter list of National Solos available for the 2018 Magic Marine UK Championship, held at HISC , July 21-27. I have approached a number of clubs including HISC, Chichester YC and Portchester S.C. and I am awaiting feedback from the fleets there. Ideally, sailors not wanting to do the championship would provide an itinerary of hull, spars, sail, age and condition and the fee for one weeks use. Again, ideally, the boat would be delivered to and from the event by the owner, so local clubs would be suitable. Now the stumbling block. What sort of fee would owners deem fair for such a charter? Obviously a nearly new Winder Mk 2 with D+/North would be possibly more attractive than a twenty year old Lovett/Needlespar/Batt. I would love to hit an all time record for attendance and this sort of scheme would certainly help. My own suggestion would be something like £200-£300 for the week with maybe a separate insurance taken out by the person hiring? Thoughts? Will Loy

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Errol Edwards posted this 18 January 2018

Hi Will, This is an excellent idea and it would be great if a scheme like this would be aimed at younger sailors and women, who it would appear to be under represented at the larger Solo events. I will be loaning my new Solo to a young lady (ex British Sailing Squad) for the Nationals and possibly the Nigel Pusinelli this year.

Mike Dray posted this 14 February 2018

I would be willing to charter out my Winder 1, 4932 for the nationals. I can take care of all the delivery to Hayling etc.... would probably ask for £200 for the week as it’s not exactly the most brand new solo there Is, however it is sorted and ready to race with a D+ mast and a bit of a rope overhaul and hull refurb last year by Hayling based PSB.... if anyone is interested just drop me a line on 07775028707 or contact Will and his team.... Must be 25+ please and willing to cover any breakages that may happen during the week.

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