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Mat Newton-Sherlock posted this 16 January 2018

Finally decided to splurge the very generous Voucher from Dinghy Rope on a new bit of string for 2018. Currently using stock furry winder sheet with no complaints but is there a better option?I spotted a nice soft sheet on Ian Ingrams ship, does anybody know which one that may have been?

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Patrick Ward posted this 16 January 2018

Hi Matt, I have always used a Rooster Polilite in 7mm thickness. Excellent rope that doesn’t tangle...!

Ian McDonald posted this 17 January 2018

the Rooster 7mm is not the hardest wearing, but it is the best by far

Mat Newton-Sherlock posted this 19 January 2018

Thankyou Patrick and Ian, As my voucher was with DinghyRope unfortunately Rooster rope is not available this time. I’ve decided to go for 8mm Swiftcord over the Fusion also available from them.

Matt S5688

Ian McDonald posted this 19 January 2018

Top marks for Dinghyrope for their Solo sponsorship. Sure the Swiftcord will be great.

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