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Brian Sprague posted this 14 January 2018

As a club racer who does the odd open event, do I really need a certificate? Indeed, should anyone need one after the first issue?

Just reading the web site and I now find out that if I do want one it will cost me £30, more if I leave it late and want to enter a championship!

I guess to a lot of people who sail, £30 is not a lot of cash, but what do I get for my cash and what does it actually cost to produce?

If a Solo has been produced in a builders mould, it will be to measurement. If I buy a sail from a sail maker it will be measured to class rules, so why does a change of ownership require a new certificate?

I am told that at championships boats and sails are measured and weighed. Has anything out of the ordinary ever been found? And if it was, clearly the certificate did not stop the owner from making changes.

Is this not just another income stream for the RYA and in part NSCA?

Surely a method of self certification could be set up where the owner logs into a website and prints their own certificate? Is that all that happens when a new certificate is produced due to a change of ownership - someone changes the name and address, prints it and pops it in an envelope? What if any checks are made on the boat?

Can NSCA buy the rights off the RYA to certification, make it cheaper for owners but give an income to NSCA?

Brian Sprague S5417


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