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Ian McDonald posted this 01 August 2019

After a gap of more than 20 years, Blithfield will be running a Solo open meeting on Oct 6th.

This year it will be run alongside a Phantom event. Blithfield open water will also allow club racing to continue. NOR and more details on

I hope that this event can be a gateway to a higher profile event in the following years. Blithfield is a beautiful place and both very suitable for and experienced in running Open events.

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Ian McDonald posted this 5 hours ago

Blithfield Open two weeks today. We are sharing our large water with club racing but of course our own starts. Our fleet goes from ageing single floor woodies right through to late mk2 Winders. One of our laser fleet was so excited, he has just arrived with a very nicely fitted Boon.

After a 20 year gap, this is our first step to increase our class racing .

I am totally biased but you will have a very long search for an open water that is more beautiful, with easy launching and a very friendly member run club. for nor and info

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