B plan sail or flatter cut sail, advice needed topic

dean silcock posted this 23 May 2018

Firstly thank you to all who gave advice about buying a nearly new sail, its working well. Has anyone had any experience of using a B plan sail and where do i get the plans from! and is it possible to have an older sail made/cut flatter ( not my recently bought, nearly new sail)

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Philip Johns posted this 25 May 2018

As a back of the fleet sailor my advice would be to go on a training day.

I used to struggle when it was windy but I went on a training day, it was a windy day, and having Gordon Barclay alongside in the coaching boat shouting instructions across I learned a great deal in a very short space of time. Free coaching from people who know how to get a Solo to work for you!

That day I ended up sailing upwind with the centreboard at least half up, the cunningham on harder than I thought the sail would stand and the traveler almost right off. A total revelation, I had never used the controls to that extent but it worked and nothing broke nor has broken since.

I have a 'B' plan sail, which is a cut down old sail. It basically has the bottom section cut off to where the bottom batten is on the luff, therefore just four battens. Any sail maker could do it for you. I don't know how useful it is other than a cruising sail, you certainly lose too much downwind to make up for any perceived gains upwind.

Bill Hutchings posted this 25 May 2018

Hello Dean, I get along towards the back of the large fleets 60 kg 10st lightweight. I have used the B plan loose footed in winds, when I knew I would be hanging on with a full sail. I found I could sail around the courses and get out on the water. Down wind I could hold on but upwind could not point that well, so would loose out- sometimes deciding to retire from races so as to not hold up the rest of the fleet. It gave me the experience and confidence to go sailing and not to be upside down most of the time and becoming a "nuisance", which was great when I had travelled a long distance and spent a few pounds. However now I can confidently sail in strong weather conditions and waves and enjoy the fun- I do end upside down sometimes!

Suggest it is good to have a window in the B plan sail. Jon Clarke at Edge Sails cut my old sail down.

Don't forget that "time on the water" is the best thing Regards Bill Hutchings 4551

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