Andy Fox is the NSCA Training Cordinator for 2019/2020. 


After some discussion the Committee have made the decision to once again provide free coaching to NSCA members (non members must join the NSCA to participate).

We hope to simplify the trainee paperwork to a one sided A4 page which will be a downloadable PDF. 

Participating in a training day will hopefully enhance your weekly club race or Open meeting result.

Below we have set out a simple system to assist your fleet captain or club organiser. Ideally we need approximately 8 trainees to justify holding a training day.

1. The fleet captain or organiser contacts the coaching co-ordinator to arrange a date. 

2. The fleet captain/organiser gets the trainees to download/print/ fill in and return the relevant form to the coaching co-ordinator, no later than two weeks before the event. If less than 8 entries have been received the coach can cancel the event.

3. The coaching co-ordinator contacts all coaches via email and the list of available coaches is sent to the fleet captain/organiser to choose (NSCA or Non).

4. Once date and coach are in place the forms are sent to the coach to ascertain the trainees requirements.

5. Coaches claim out of pocket expenses from NSCA.



We have NSCA coaches across the UK, so please make use of them. You will possibly learn more in one day than in a whole season. Please contact Mark and Linda Lee at; [email protected] Will Loy President NSCA

The Solo Association are always looking for ways to move the class forward for the members. The Solo class has a very high calibre of sailors moving through the class and use this talent whenever possible to help all Solo Class sailors improve.

Putting a number of top solo sailors though the RYA Class coaching course has given all class members an increased opportunity to attend structured coaching days. They are available to all clubs on request. The coaches will tailor a training day to the different participant's level of sailing, whether they be new to the class and perhaps new to racing or high level sailors competing in national competitions, or anything inbetween. The overall aim is that every participant will find the day of benefit and enjoy the experience.


The Solo Association also run Training Days the day before some major events, which gives competitors the chance to adapt to the venue and polish up their sailing skills. Guest speakers also attend some events.

If you feel that there might not be sufficient sailors within your club to warrant running a training day, why not consider a joint training day with a nearby Solo club or opening the day up to non Club members?

To request a training day at your club, please email Mark Lee with some preferred dates and an estimate of numbers and he will email you with available coaches.

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NSCA Coaches List

Gordon Barclay RYA class coach and Chief Measurer
Jon Clarke RYA class coach and Edge Sails
Charlie Cumbley North Sails PRO
Godfrey Clarke RYA class coach
Graham Cranford Smith  
Steve Ede RYA class coach
Andy Fox Northern Area and RYA class coach
Ross Harvey RYA Laser radial squad coach PRO
Matt Howard Ex national champion and olympic coach PRO
Derek Jackman RYA class coach
Paul Kimmens RYA class coach
Mark Lee  
Jamie Lea Ex National Champ. and professional coach PRO
Pete Mitchell RYA class coach   North Sails PRO
Tony Thresher Long in the tooth coach and wood Solo builderRYA class coach and Edge Sails




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