Super Series Results

Nicholas Fisher posted this 30 April 2017

The Super series results are now updated to include the EOS at Grafham

1st Charley Cumbley 2nd Andy Davis

See you next year


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Nicholas Fisher posted this 19 July 2017

Updated ton include the Nationals

Nicholas Fisher posted this 22 August 2017

super series now updated to include the Best of 5. 32 Qualifiers so far with 3 events to go. 1st Andy Davis 2nd Mike Sims 3rd Oliver Davenport

Charlie Cumbley is lurking just outside the Q's with 3 bullets!
Please check your results as there have been people sharing boats, buying new and mixing up their sail numbers. Hopefully sorted but don't leave it till the EOS to check. I will be sailing! cheers Nick

Jonathan Otter posted this 24 August 2017

Ollie Wells is in twice.

Nicholas Fisher posted this 25 August 2017

Tks Jonathan. I need to shift Ollie's Best result up. Nick

Nicholas Fisher posted this 26 August 2017

Super series now updated to correct Ollie's results. Nick

Nicholas Fisher posted this 10 September 2017

Results now include the Inlands at Ruland.

Can't get the Inlands individual results uploaded. Sorry. Try the Rutland SC website for these.


Nicholas Fisher posted this 4 Weeks ago

Updated to include the Scottish Champs.

Nicholas Fisher posted this 2 Weeks ago

Super series is now completed and results are on the site.

Big Congratulations to Charlie Cumbley on taking the EOS and the series overall.

Andy Davis was the lucky winner of the North Sail in the draw.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the series. Will Loy has photos and report to follow.

A great end to the season. See you all next year, winters at Northampton in February.

You've got to be in it to win it.

All the best and Merry Xmas


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