Rope main halyard

george keighley posted this 21 September 2017

I have always used a rope main halyard but it needs replacing. Can anyone recommend what type and thickness I should use ?

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Guy Mayger posted this 21 September 2017

Hi George, How are you cleating/tying off your halyard? That might make a difference on the sort of rope that's right for the purpose, but in general I would go for 4mm spectra or dyneema (basically the same thing). This material is very low stretch. With or without an outer cover depending on my first question :-) Our friends at P&B or Rooster have a good choice online and usual include details of suggested usage as well. Cheers, Guy 5691

Barrie Woodhall posted this 22 September 2017

Hi George, Dinghy Rope are also worth talking to - sponsers of the midland circuit. Barrie 5642

Ian Mcdonald posted this 5 Weeks ago

sorry to be old fashioned,but a wire haliard and rack and exact height settings with no chance of slippage or outer wear is good

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