Building Plans

Simon Fitzpatrick posted this 02 August 2017

I'm bu**ered if I can find the link to the Solo build plans on the RYA site - any ideas? What I'm really after is a plan of the transom so I can cut myself a new one out, so if that's something that someone can produce that would be great... best rgds simonf

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Ian Mcdonald posted this 05 August 2017

where are you based Simon? surely you just need to take a card pattern from one of the 2000 plus Solos sat in your local dinghy park? surely someone will volunteer?

Godfrey Clark posted this 08 August 2017

Simon, the plans say very little to help you. You should make your own template from your own boat, given that it is unlikely to be the same shape as any of the modern hulls and achieving a good fit is only possible by custom fitting. The actual class rules only stipulate the maximum size of the tiller port, should you wish to create one in the more modern style. Old tiller ports were usually very small by current standards.

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